The colour sand

Interesting workshop where the main material of artwork is sand. Sand is coloured with gouache paints. The glue is used to fix sand to a piece of paper. The theme of artwork can be chosen according to season, nature, sports or inspiring from well-known artists (also local artists) and other. 

Another way to play with sand art is the finger drawing.  So the fingers make the sand art. Before drawing spread the san don cardboard and draw lines, see how they make a picture.

Posted on 2015-09-24

Exhibition of visual arts “My county in seasons”

During the project the exhibition of visual arts “My county in seasons” was organized (November 7, 2014 till December 10, 2014). 3-9th grade students from Dobele and Tervete counties were encouraged to explore and get to know their counties, to see the typical features of the district and realize their findings in the visual art works.

The exhibition was presented in Dobele Local History museum and there were exhibited 93 works from 11 schools:

Annenieki Primary School

Biksti Primary School

Penkule Primary School

Lejasstrazdi Elementary School,

Dobele State Gymnasium,

Krimūnas Elementary School,

Dobele Elementary School,

Dobele Christian Elementary School,

Anna Brigadere Primary School,

Augstkalnes Secondary School

Mežinieki Primary School. 

In view of the students, museum visitors and Comenius Regio Working Group vote, 12 works were selected for the calendar. All other authors received acknowledgments.

Calendar is funded by the European Union's Lifelong Learning Comenius Regio project funds, printed by the support of Dobele municipality.


Posted on 2014-12-20

Graphics. Graphic techniques. Monotyping.

Seminar - workshop ,,Graphics. Graphic techniques. Monotyping." organized by "Comenius Regio" was held in Dobele Art school in October 27. Teacher of visual art from Dobele, Tervete and Auce counties attended the seminar.

The seminar was led by LLU lecturer Inta Paulsone

Teachers learned about different types of graphics techniques in the workshop, they practically tried different ways of monotyping, also unconventional techniques of monotyping.

Posted on 2014-12-20